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Tower Princess: I've Come for You! is a parody of the classic "knight enters into the dungeon, rescues the princess and slays the dragon", only this time is not as easy as just rescuing her and being happy ever after. You'll have to manage a DATE with a wide variety of members of the royalty locked in towers, at the same time you face the dangers of the classic dungeoneering. Only with her help you'll be able to defeat the Dragon.

An endless queue of humdrum knights, princesses and princes who are not what they seem, and lots of humour! It's a game that evokes the classic action platformer 3D, with puzzles and a roguelite component.

AweKteaM is an indie dev studio from Spain, formed by two artists and a programmer. We've been working on other videogame related jobs, but Tower Princess is our first game as a studio.

YOU CAN UPLOAD GAMEPLAYS or similar material from our public builds

Web : http://www.towerprincess.com/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/awekteam
Discord Channel : https://discord.gg/aMegu2j

Minimum System requirements:

Windows x64
GPU: Nvidia 820M
CPU: I3-2100
Ram : 4GB
Disk storage: 4GB


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KnightsTrial.7z 2 GB

Development log


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Any idea on a release date yet? I am interested in playing this, I watched Markiplier play the demo on YouTube and it looks so fun to play!!

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Yes, it will be about Q3 2022

i mean... that's where i am right now, time traveller, all they've done is announce a second game without releasing the first.

Knight's Trial is the prologue of the game, we're releasing it today on Itch.io!

Any updates on this?   Last development log 2/14/19

Yup, we're still working on this! ;D
There's no new demo available, but feel free to check our Steam Page or Twitter to stay up to date :D

I just finished this game and was pretty disappointed that I didn't get to do a grand boss fight, but I understand why I couldn't and am fine with the decision not to include it in the demo. I love how every time you die you switch knights, and the graphics are really nice. It felt like playing a classic medieval tale with a modern twist, which I really liked. I can't wait for this game to release on steam, and will be waiting until then.


THAT WAS TOO DAMN SHORT!!!! I need more! Please tell me you're still working on it

well it is just a demo

yeah, I know. It felt somewhat short even for a demo. It's more like a teaser

There should be a lock on system like in Dark Souls, and also I think a joust fight would be interesting and unique as far as modern medieval games go. Jousting is like a relatively untapped idea in video games and adding it would be interesting.


Hi devs, i made a video and two screenshots, nice job :P 

Yay, we've just seen this! Thanks a lot! :D

love the game has a lot of charm to it. i cant wait to play the full game when it comes out!!

Can I hope to see the game being sold here on Itch or at least on GOG, my reasons are is that I don't want to use Steam.


Muy buen comiendo, ese toque constante de humor en todo, el movimiento, la gracia artística. Muy bien estoy esperando  ansioso

Yay, gracias! :D
Aun queda un tiempo hasta que lancemos el juego, pero nos alegra saber que vamos por el buen camino! ;D


I've seen Tower Princess around for a while now, but only just recently gave it a try. While some parts need a bit of polish, this is pretty great for a demo. The mechanics work well, the comedy shows what to expect from the full game, and the graphical style seems like a perfect match for that.

Good job, devs. I'm looking forward to the completed game.

Decided to try out your game and enjoyed it very much. It's a shame that the demo doesn't more gameplay but overall I loved it. Good work.

I need 32 bit   please ^_^


This is a super fun game! Every once in a while i find an Indie gem, and this definitely is one. Great work :D


this is MAXIMO 3 




Alright, alright. Before I get started can I just say that I adore this premise? Best way to suck people in is with a little bit of twisted humour, and it certainly got me on the hook!

Now then, to the game itself. What we have here is a standard dungeon crawler with a unique little twist. Well, a couple of twists. The first one is the puzzle platforming element. Not something I'm used to seeing in this style of game, but it's more than welcome! It adds an extra air of challenge to things on top of the enemies bombarding us!

The second twist is the princesses themselves. Once you rescue them they grant you special abilities, and I'm guessing as the game goes on you may need to bring certain princesses along to complete certain areas. This is very exciting if true! So many possibilities!

We only encounter one princess in the demo, Zombie Princess, who is evidently going to be my favourite, but I am looking forward to seeing who else we get to rescue along the way!

The fighting element is done really well, with special moves and items to help keep things interesting and to stop me from dying (or at least attempt to stop me from dying, I definitely did that a few times), and with the Kickstarter fully backed we have a lot more to look forward to!

I urge you all to have a go at this really fun little game, and I urge the dev team to keep up the awesome work! A little spit and polish is required here and there, and the text could use a little cleaning up too but I'm hyped for the completed version of this little gem! =)

FUN AND CUTE, very cool premise! It's only a big handful of polish away from being the favourite of roguelike fans!

There is a bug that I start inside the floor and I can't move. But when I reset this, it is fine to play again...


Awesome game! Had a blast! Nice to play a decent platformer game for a change! 

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Are we sure it isn't the dragon that needs saving from all the princesses and princes?


I'm glad to see you've made some progress with Tower Princess and it seems to be coming along nicely. Graphics are great, it's presented really well and the characters actions are spot on.

Good Luck and I made a donation about 10 minutes ago under my real name.

and a link to my alpha video so you can see how much progress the devs have made.

Good Luck Devs


(Just checking out your kickstarter page as well)


Had a blasted with the demo, can't wait for more.


Enjoyed the demo, looking forward to trying some more soon!


Yay! Thanks a lot for playing! :D


The demo was actually a lot of fun! It has some pretty good heart behind it! It was definitely one of the better demos I've played lately. I even made a video for you guys!

I have to say, I was a little disappointed that the Princess wasn't the tower. From the title I had this vision of the Princess... Being the Tower! Kind of like shadow of the colossus but... maybe you were cutting their restraints or something.

Anyway, your game still looks cool. I like the idea of the Zombie Princess.


Just finished the demo, it was so much fun. Can't wait for the game to be complete!

We are really glad to read that , thanks 

when I pressed left mouse I was stuck flapping in the air forever

Sorry for that . Is it happends all time? only once? when you start ?


This game is so cool and fun 

I love it so much but after my works to win the game crashed

Well ... i'm going to play it again


I really loved it. Had a lot of fun playing it! 

Sadly the game crashed after I got the first Key and was smashing the boxes behind the Zombie-Princeses cage.

Hope that helps somehow :)

Sorry about that , we will investigate this error and will solve it . We encourage you to see how demo ends playing it again or viewing demo gameplay from others players . Your Feedback helps , thanks .


No need to apologise, it's still in Alpha after all :)

Ofc I'm going to play it again!

Guys I really want to play your game but the MEGA website don't allow me.

Hi Gui Santos, sorry for the late answer! We'll prepare an alternative to MEGA and notice you as soon as possible! Also, if you have any further issue, feel free to ask us on our Discord! We usually answer there quite fast! ;D https://discord.gg/aMegu2j

Hi again Gui Santos! Here you have an alternative link! Hope you like it! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1703WxjnXKp9lRKbVuTL6pjfefNcaM3l6/view?usp=sharing

Looking forward to living out those MS paint comic strips.


Will it have Workshop support? Apparently that's a thing devs have to plan for, I thought you just release the editor or whatever. Princesses, princesses everywhere.

We haven't planned to give Workshop support. We just didn't think about it, but it actually seems to be a good idea! First we'll focus on finishing the development of the game, but we'll take a look to the possibility of modding. Thanks for the idea!

Gave it a go...


Awesome preview picture! xD
As we said, thanks for playing, and for your feedback! We're working on that!!


Please check out my play through of Tower Princess, I had a lot of fun playing this game. There is still clearly some work that still needs to go into this game.

Hey! Thanks for playing, and thanks for your feedback. Yeah, there's still lots of things to implement,  but yes, we totally lack of sounds (we know, we're working on that!). Also, we're sorry for that weird bug in your first run. We've never seen that before, so we're gonna try to find it and solve it (since is quite criticall!) So... thanks! 


great game had alot of fun more to come great work.

Lots of work still to do! We're  so glad to know you liked the game!Thanks for the video!


I wanna marry zombie princess


Yeeeeesss! She's so nice (and so zombie!)
Thanks for playing, we had a great time watching your gameplay!!


Thank you, I really appreciate it.  Your game was challenging and fun and it was just a demo which means the full release is gonna be epic.

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This is an awesome foundation! If this is just the early alpha, it's going to be exciting to see it with more and more features and polish. As for now, the minimal story is hilarious, the environment is beautiful, and the action is fun and fair. I'd say what needs the most work are the sound design and the fluidity of the animations. Fantastic work so far!


As we said, we've enjoyed so much watching your #gameplay!!
Really thanks for your support and your feedback! :D


Absolutely awesone. I did a video and a full walkthrough and I couldn't find a single bug. The graphics are great, the audio is just spot on and I really enjoyed the little adventure you DEVS created.

Thank you, Well done and good luck.

Thanks for playing! We're glad you enjoyed it! It was nice to see you smashing every box the dungeon! :D
We'll keep working to develop more quality content, for sure!