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TowerPrincess is a Time attack 3D roguelike action platformer made in UE4. This means that the dungeon, the rewards, the challenges or even the character will be procedural, making every gameplay unique! 

You will incarnate a hundrum knight, who entered in the Dragon's Castle to rescue his ideal princess and kill the Evil Dragon who kidnapped her, looking for power, treasures, knowledge, or simply true love. But every princess can be worse than the previous one. The knight came to rescue a princess after all, so he will have to date her, while battles hords and hords of enemies!.

Note : Demo version still in Alpha development

Note :  Multiplayer is not yet available and is not procedurally generated yet 

YOU CAN UPLOAD GAMEPLAYS or similar material from our public builds

Web : http://www.towerprincess.com/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/awekteam
Discord Channel : https://discord.gg/aMegu2j

Minimum System requeriments (for now): (You can change Graphic Options)

Windows x64 (For now )
GPU: Nvidia 820M
CPU: I3-2100
Ram : 4GB(maybe less)
Disk storage : 4GB


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TowerPrincess Alpha

Development log


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Gave it a go...


Awesome preview picture! xD
As we said, thanks for playing, and for your feedback! We're working on that!!


Please check out my play through of Tower Princess, I had a lot of fun playing this game. There is still clearly some work that still needs to go into this game.

Hey! Thanks for playing, and thanks for your feedback. Yeah, there's still lots of things to implement,  but yes, we totally lack of sounds (we know, we're working on that!). Also, we're sorry for that weird bug in your first run. We've never seen that before, so we're gonna try to find it and solve it (since is quite criticall!) So... thanks! 


great game had alot of fun more to come great work.

Lots of work still to do! We're  so glad to know you liked the game!Thanks for the video!


I wanna marry zombie princess


Yeeeeesss! She's so nice (and so zombie!)
Thanks for playing, we had a great time watching your gameplay!!


Thank you, I really appreciate it.  Your game was challenging and fun and it was just a demo which means the full release is gonna be epic.

(1 edit) (+1)

This is an awesome foundation! If this is just the early alpha, it's going to be exciting to see it with more and more features and polish. As for now, the minimal story is hilarious, the environment is beautiful, and the action is fun and fair. I'd say what needs the most work are the sound design and the fluidity of the animations. Fantastic work so far!


As we said, we've enjoyed so much watching your #gameplay!!
Really thanks for your support and your feedback! :D


Absolutely awesone. I did a video and a full walkthrough and I couldn't find a single bug. The graphics are great, the audio is just spot on and I really enjoyed the little adventure you DEVS created.

Thank you, Well done and good luck.

Thanks for playing! We're glad you enjoyed it! It was nice to see you smashing every box the dungeon! :D
We'll keep working to develop more quality content, for sure!